Create a Bootable USB with Etcher

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Create a Bootable USB with Etcher

Сообщение lennerttt » 06 ноя 2019, 15:50

{Etcher is a program that permits you to create bootable USB devices readily. |} So if you like to use Etcher, the very first thing you should do is download the software from its official website utilizing the following links.


Etcher Download Links:

After the setup has downloaded, install it and start up the computer software.

Today you have to connect the USB device that you are going to use. {Even a USB device with 8GB capacity is generally enough. |} But I recommend a 16GB USB 3 apparatus because it makes things simple and fast. And additionally you replicate your drivers to it.

As from the image below, simply pick the .ISO image of the operating system where the USB drive will boot.

Keep in mind that through this procedure each of the data in the USB device will probably be deleted. If everything is correct, click on Accept and await the procedure to complete. It will take a couple of minutes.


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